Tanks & Vessels

Teflon belt

Chịu nhiệt : -140oC đến 260oC dưới tại vùng kháng cự cao liên tục có thể phục vụ


Wearstrips Description Extruded PE profile with a very low coefficient of friction and hig...

Hanacans Tanks

Fabricated filter tank and oil separator tank for Hanacans Factory

Thu Thiem Wastewater Treatment Project

Thu Thiem Wastewater Treatment Project is the project that Minh Quan TMC is EPC contractor...

Open Siphon Filter (OSF) Yen Binh

Fabrication open siphon filter (OSF) system for Yen Binh Water Treatment Plant - Southern...

Castec Vina Project

Fabrication pipeline system for Castec Vina

SY Steel Vina Project

Fabricated tanks & duct collection system for SY Steel Vina Project.